Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Great Party, Gatsby

a GREAT Gatsby Party

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic tale, “The Great Gatsby,” has hit the silver screen yet again, reigniting the public's interest in the famous novel. The fantastical story of wealth, infatuation and desperate love affairs, mixed with the cultural nuances and lifestyle changes of the 1920s, are what distinguishes Gatsby as a renowned piece of fiction.
In decades since, the book’s popularity has become so widespread it has grown into a familiar party theme. Art Deco influence is staging a comeback and as any great blue-blooded mustache-twister might say, “We best be prepared, old sport.”
The Great Gatsby party theme can liven up any sort of celebration, from a casual lawn party to an over-the-top New Year’s Eve gala. Here are a few ideas to consider when planning a 20s-style scene.

Music and Color
Bold colors and loud music were a big part of the Roaring Twenties. Keep this in mind throughout all aspects of your planning. 1920s jazz bands bellowed with high energy and created an exciting background during parties, and your band (or stereo) should do the same. Complement your music by choosing a pair of bright colors to set the tone, like gold and teal or silver and red.

A Gatsby party requires shameless amounts of glitz and glam. The more confetti the better! Candelabras or candles placed with mirrors will really boost the sparkle effect for a nighttime event. If it's a daytime affair, you’re going to need lots of flowers. Use large feathers and fringe to spice up your floral arrangements to maximize your dazzle factor. Make sure your guests have plenty of seating and shade when outdoors, and have plenty of twinkle lights at the ready to add glamorous glitter to evening soirees.

Beaded hats, feather boas, fur, gloves, dangling pearls, cloches, head pieces, dark eyeliner and short bobs on women were all the rage in the Roaring Twenties. Remember, it's all about accessories; when trying to achieve the flapper look, pile it on. For men, perfectly parted slicked-back hair and pencil-thin mustaches will bring about that retro feel.

Champagne served in flutes throughout the party will give the affair a true Gatsby feeling. Bourbon and gin cocktails also serve the time period well. If you're going to be out on the green, a handy steel tub makes cold drinks accessible and also looks the part. Don't forget to provide nonalcoholic beverages for teetotalers, too.

As with all movie remakes, your party will undoubtedly have its own style and flair! Your take should reflect what charms you most about the decade or the book. Just remember one thing: All great Gatsby parties were over the top!